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Making the right decision towards the care and well-being of a senior member of your family is important in order to ensure that they are comfortable and safe. This is why considering care at home support for residents of Higham and its surrounding areas is a step in the right direction when it comes to contributing to the well-being of your loved one.

Seniors may almost often require assistance with various tasks. Such tasks may be as simple as getting into bed in the evening or getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, combing of hair, shopping, doing light chores, using the toilet and more.

However, most seniors may fail to accomplish these tasks and would require constant assistance in meeting their daily needs. Thus, having care at home support allows flexibility to ensure that your loved one is looked after whenever necessary. Other carers may be hired on a long-term basis and may even live with the senior.

Therefore, both the senior and family members are guaranteed safe and personal attendance to a senior when it comes to receiving care at home support. This also allows your loved one to enjoy the continuity of care since they are assisted by the same care provider for the duration of the schedule.

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Since Braeburn Care started providing care calls for my mother, I cannot praise them enough for their professionalism, excellent communication, and for the high level of care provided. The staff that visit my mother are reliable, friendly and helpful and I now have real peace of mind that her needs are being met.

Daughter to Margaret, Penshurst

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