Providing a dependable, high quality and personal service

As a family-owned business, with a vision to redefine care, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and personalised home care services. Our journey is guided by a shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals in need, delivered through the expertise of our experienced Senior Leadership Team, with deep roots in the communities we serve.

If we had a choice, most of us would choose to remain living independently in our own home for as long as possible. To achieve this, we may require some additional care and support. However, it can be overwhelming when seeking to gain an understanding of where and how to find the care provider that is right for you. Our experienced and professional team at Braeburn Care are here to help.

A dependable, high quality & personal service

At Braeburn Care we provide a punctual, friendly and safe service. With our customers depending on our visits, we understand that punctuality is vital. We use technology solutions for reliable scheduling and visit arrival and departure confirmations. We always know exactly where our care workers are at anytime, automatically alerting our management team in the unlikely event that they run behind. The alerts we receive allow us to keep our customers and family members informed and updated in the unlikely event that a delay does occur.

A transparent and flexible service

We understand that many people can be apprehensive and concerned about committing to new services and that it can take time to build up trust and confidence in any such new relationship. At Braeburn Care we offer a service that is both transparent and flexible, allowing our customers to cancel visits without charge with just forty-eight hours notice, and to stop all services, if they so wished, with a notice period of only twenty-eight days.

Our Commitment to You

Choosing Braeburn Care means choosing a partner in your care journey. Whether you are a customer seeking personalised care or a care professional looking for a rewarding career, we invite you to experience the Braeburn Care difference, where every individual is valued.