Overnight Care Services

Our overnight care services can be provided on a short-term or longer term basis, for as many nights of the week as may be required or to cover family members and loved ones during respite periods, holidays or other situations that may arise.

Sleeping Nights

During sleeping nights care professionals will stay at our customers home for at least eight hours, sleeping in a separate room. They are expected to have a reasonable night’s sleep, while being on hand to give any assistance our customers may require. We provide customers with a buzzer to alert their care professional should they require help during the night. In the morning, if they choose, their care professional can provide them with assistance in starting the day, providing personal care, preparing their breakfast and assisting with medication. Our sleeping nights service offers peace of mind that our customers are not alone and that help is always on hand if required.

Waking Nights

During waking nights care professionals will stay awake all night and can remain in the customers bedroom if required or remain within close proximity. This may be necessary due to a recent illness or a difficult condition where they require extra assistance through the night with close monitoring. Our waking nights are also for a minimum of nine hours, and we can provide further additional hours if needed to help start the day.