Funding Options for Care at Home

At Braeburn Care, we believe in empowering individuals and their families with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about funding care at home. Embarking on the journey of home care is a significant decision, and we understand that financial considerations are an essential part of the planning process. At Braeburn Care, we’re committed to providing transparency and support as you navigate the options for funding care at home.
Join us as we explore various avenues and share insights to help you make informed decisions about financing your care journey.

Understanding Your Funding Options: Funding care at home involves exploring different avenues to determine the most suitable option for your unique situation. From government schemes to private funding, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of various funding options available, such as local authority support, NHS Continuing Care and self-funding, offering further clarity on the pathways that may be accessible to you.

Local Authority Support: Local authorities play a vital role in supporting individuals who wish to receive care at home. Understanding the local support available can be instrumental in planning and financing your care journey.
Local authorities such as Kent and East Sussex County Council can provide free information and advice on a range of services that you might want to consider. Also, if required, they will complete a free assessment of your care needs, plus undertake a free financial assessment to see if you are eligible for financial help.

If your financial assessment shows that you are eligible for local authority support towards the cost of your care, you can request these funds be accessible to you via Direct Payments. These are regular payments that local authority’s make to you (or your carer) so that you can arrange, manage and pay for your care and support yourself. Via this route, you will have more freedom, flexibility and control over how your support is provided, who provides your support and when it is provided. They will need to agree with you what you would like to spend the money on, but they aim to give you as much choice as possible.

Alternatively, NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) is a package of care for adults aged 18 or over which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS. In order to receive NHS CHC funding individuals, have to be assessed by integrated commissioning boards (ICBs) according to a legally prescribed decision making process to determine whether the individual has a ‘primary health need’.

The Self-Funding Route: Self-funding is a common choice for those who may not qualify for local authority support. One of the primary benefits of self-funding your care with Braeburn Care is the unparalleled sense of personal freedom it affords. By taking control of your funding, you gain the autonomy to tailor your care plan precisely to your unique needs and preferences. This approach ensures that every aspect of your care journey is aligned with your personal values and lifestyle, allowing you to receive support that is not only effective but truly reflective of your individuality. Self-funding provides the flexibility to choose the level of care, the frequency of services, and the care professionals who become trusted companions on your care journey. At Braeburn Care, we’re here to support you in making informed decisions about self-funding, ensuring that your care experience is not just a service but a personalised pathway to an enhanced quality of life.

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